Electro-Mechanical Brakes – Offering longer life and faster reaction times

Magneta Electro-Mech Brakes transmit torque via dry running friction material. This friction material is machined to precise tolerances which provided full torque “out of the box” and longer life. With our pre-stressed wafer spring mounted on the armature there is no residual torque or backlash. They can be installed in any mounting position and operate on DC voltage.

Benefits of Magneta

  • Torques up to 4.5Nm (5Nm as custom design)
  • Flange designs
  • RoHS certified
  • Extensive Application experience
  • Highest performance, Full torque available at first engagement

Custom and Semi-Custom designs available!

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Flange Mounted Brake with Hub
Flange Mounted Brake w/ Hub

Computer Aided Design

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Product Type 3D Step Format 2D DXF Format
Brakes 14.110.–.101