Magnetic Particle Clutches & Brakes – Smooth torque adjustment up to 320Nm

Magneta Mag-Particle clutches and brakes smoothly change the torque depending on the field voltage. Our units fit IEC standards and offer a long, dependable service life. Shaft mounted versions make integration into machinery easy.

Torque is transmitted from the external to the internal rotor via specifically alloyed and highly abrasion-resistant iron particles. Depending on the electromagnetic field, these fine iron particles build magnetic chains and thus transmit the torque. The power of the field determines the stability of the particle chains and also the transmittable torque. Click here for application assistance

– Magneta is your partner for magnetic particle clutches –

Clutch with Spade Connectors Clutch with Slip Rings Brake with Spade Connectors
Clutch with spade connectors
Type 14.501.-03.11
1 size
Torque 2.5 Nm
Clutch with slip rings
Type 14.502.–.12
6 sizes
Torque 10 Nm – 320 Nm
Brake with spade connectors
Type 14.512.–.22
6 sizes
Torque 10 Nm – 320 Nm